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Welcome to Full House REO Servicing
Pro-Tech Industries - PTI (OTCBB: PTCK) is a regional leader in design/build services for the following infrastructure segments: Fire Life Safety, alarm/detection, electrical and voice/data communications.  PTI has succeeded in creating a team of exceptional employees with the education and experience capable of building diverse and complex projects. Our staff is a fast growing group with special skills, over-achievers, and driving each other's success. We capitalize on our youthful core of people, keeping us in touch with the latest technology, trends and demands of an ever-changing construction industry.

PTI has established itself as a leader in the construction industry and is committed to consistently providing exceptional quality and value in all of our work.  PTI has an extensive resume when it comes to building and renovating quality structures of all types.  Headquartered in Sacramento Ca, and regional offices in San Diego, Reno, and Las Vegas, PTI provides these services to the commercial/industrial, Federal Government, State/local government and local municipality sectors.

Corporate Office
8550 Younger Creek Drive
Sacramento, CA 95828
    1-916-504-4044 T
1-916-504-4048 F
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